References about relaxing music by Aktavio Lioss™ blend music and video to send powerful healing vibrations to cure the Soul and affect the body at a cellular level, reducing stress and increasing balance. The melodies and video improve the purity of energy and enhance the physical senses. I felt energized for days after watching a video with stunning imagery of nature combined with the music.

Carl Rodrigues - Life Balance Coach




"The feeling after meditation with “Faith in Heaven” is amazing. I feel 10 years younger and 10 kg less."

Mara Kinaza


"VIP masterpiece “Faith in Heaven” is simply MIND-BLOWING!"

Iveta Pundina

"After meditation, I felt clean and fresh and felt my true being in every cell of my body. It was really a miracle, something worth experiencing!"

Ieva Biezbarde

"Meditation with “Faith in Heaven” was a true adventure, like a dream in another dimension but most importantly, with real consequences – peace, kindness, stability in feelings bringing in more harmonious events in my life."

Gunita Strauberga

"Extraordinary and powerful music of the Universe. It resonated deep in my Soul, I felt vibrations throughout my body. It was a wonderful journey, a chance to empty my mind. I did not think but watched a wonderful movie."

Liga Dika

"I liked "Faith in Heaven" so much. It is a feeling of warmth, light and vastness, as well as being with yourself, having a dialogue and a good company with yourself. Although I have quite a good sense of music, I cannot even remember and croon a single tune of this composition. It is something beyond this Earth."

Signe Enkuzena

"After meditation I didn't want to talk for quite a long time, I wanted to be alone with myself, with my Soul. That was a fantastic and lovely journey!"

Kristine Feldmane

"Faith in Heaven” is unbelievably deep adventure and transformation. All earthly things vanished, the Soul was flying, I lost the sense of the physical body, and the thoughts were non-existent. I felt transparent like air. Before I went to this mediation, I didn't expect anything WOW but it turned out … to be impressive, indeed."

Liene Zigure

"Composition “Faith in Heaven” is a unique unprecedented personal experience with long-lasting feeling and tremendous inspiration."

Iveta Mortukāne, SIA GSM director, International operations

“When hearing this message, the whole being gets immersed in joy, pleasure, light and radiance. You feel love flowing through every cell. Everything inside and outside of you is pulsating with ultimately beautiful, crystal clear and peaceful feeling of happiness. I wish I could dwell on such feelings every single day!”

Amanda Diamonda

"I was taken away with the very first tunes flowing through something intangible, elusive. In a different world that I haven’t experienced before. An extraordinary feeling and sense of lightness."

Gita Kotane


New Day with the finest music of the Universe. Where every sound plays freely and every chord is cherished with Love. Crystal clear droplets fall into the dark corners of Soul and turn into Light. Soul is released from the mind's grabbing fingers and rises up with the sounds of music. Experiences wondrous moments, through eleven beautiful fairy tales, that are surrounded with the streams of Light.

Jānis Bauers


The music with the highest vibration ever. A direct connection to God!

Seraphinne Saqquara

The most relaxing music ever! Calming, soothing and much more.

Sandra-Raluca Matei

Truly, I have experienced the magic of his great music. It's great because it heals from inside and give another true dimension of our surrounding. First time I heard, it just gave me so much peace in my mind and I just chilled & relaxed. Second time I heard, I felt like these music started telling me something or giving me some hints to follow and over come the garbage from my mind, and it did help to do so.

Mak Haq

Greatest music ever!

Oliver Harrison


Excellent. Peaceful, refreshing and full of light. Highly recommended for ill, stressed people, but also for healthy people.

Mariana Lazareva


I feel so much freedom. This music has the power to create all the space in my life!

Joris de Man


While listening to music, I felt deep relaxation. At the beginning I felt that my body gradually becomes warm, then it was fulfilled with light and shine. I want to keep this feeling and feel it deeper and deeper. Thank you!


I felt like the sun is in my heart, warm feeling, tingle, very pleasant. It’s hard to explain and this feeling became stronger and stronger. Looking at my aura photography after listening to this music, I saw that it was the energy from the Earth that filled me. These feelings were fantastic, thank you all!


Best music ever!

George Mathew

I had a headache for a moment at the beginning of this music, there was something pressing my head. I accepted these feelings. I am aware that my head is full with different rubbish and these are the things that press. After some time, my headache was gone. Then I saw how my aura fulfills with light starting from Solar Plexus. Dark colours were changing to lighter and energy field was straightening. This feeling was the same when you throw something in the water at it makes rings. These rings that were created in Solar Plexus fulfilled my energy field. All physical feelings were gone, my body was so light that I didn’t feel it.


When I was listening to this music, I had a feeling, that there is a bright light in the room I was sitting. My eyes were closed, but I saw the light. Much more brighter than the sun. Unusual and very pleasant feeling.


Hearing these sounds, I felt that my chakras started to be very active. I felt pulsation and it was continuing all day long. Thank you for this chance to heal myself with this music.


My feelings were so strong, that I started to cry in first seconds of this music. I feel that I miss light and love inside me. Listening to these sounds, I released the heaviness that I had created. Today after listening to 3 my favorite melodies I have a feeling that I am pure and light.


First time, after meditation I was crying because of happiness! Thank you!


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