Healing music fot meditation in the sounds of Universe by Aktavio Lioss™

We are living in the age of technology and it’s important to find a moment for a peace to restore harmony within. We can relax in a different ways and listening to music is one of them.

If you're looking for a unique way to relax and rejuvenate your body and Soul then let the vibrations of healing music and video do their magic.

Music and video that are offered has healing ability, that improves the purity of energy  and therefore enhances the physical senses. This music and video has remedial and healing vibrations to cure your Soul. It straightens the Soul structures that are contracted due to everyday life stress.


The LAWIO relaxation technique for regaining energy

Deep relaxation with Singing Bowls from Nepal, healing video and music by Aktavio Lioss. Free your body, mind and emotions, regain the energy flows of money, business, sexuality and give yourself the power to move on in your life.

Why do many successful business people engage in this unique process?

• they need a relaxing break from the daily routine
• they are determined to be successful and surrounded by love
• it offer the opportunity to create a harmonious future in all - family, work and leisure.

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To think clearly... To sleep deeply... To regain your energy... To hear your inner voice again...

The effect of the music and video by Lioss Aktavio™

Sounds of the music were created while composer’s energy was floating in the Universe - in the Cosmic spaces, therefore, the effect of the music and video can vary from person to person:

- A person can go into flowing, pleasing euphoria, into flight, light, fullness,  fulfillment.
- A person can fall asleep and wake up at the end of the melody. It means that deep and wide changes occurred in subconsciousness.
- Sounds can irritate a person (you might want to turn off the melody) -  it means that changes affect the person’s structure and shows the presence of many negative aggregations. 


Using melodies and materials

This music is curative and created for a person to develop and purify one’s Spirit, Soul and Body. Listening of these melodies should be limited, and you have to observe changes in your feelings and life processes. Aggregation layers are lifted and they become active and start acting. If you notice too many changes and they are too significant, you should stop listening to the music. When activated processes will stabilize and normalize, you can start listening to music again.

Gradually you will change and develop your structures and turn the life processes towards prosperity, harmony and love!


Why disease is caused?
Because of his negative feelings, thoughts and actions, a man loses love, creates pollution of the internal spaces and tightens the energetic structures by collecting information and energies.Therefore energy informative formations are created, that cause diseases in those parts of the body and areas of life where people have difficulties. Energy in those places stop to circulate or flow becomes restricted.

Sounds are vibrations of the energy. Music vibrations help to improve the purity of energy, to dissolve pollution and recover the energy circulation. When the energies are purer, a man feels healthier and better.

Vibrations from this music make deep changes of a human energetic structures and strengthen will-power while listening, your life will start to change. You will feel peace, relaxation, success in business and family. This music improves your health in subtle layers. It's healing.

People that have experience in subtle world have approved this music purifies our energy field and cleans up our human cells. Our cells are being filled with all colours of rainbow and dispose our negative energy.

While listening these melodies, your body will become light, your mind - clear and relaxed, and soul will feel the subtle vibrations of the Universe.

May our souls become lighter, calmer, filled with love and moved closer to perfection!

Add new quality to your life! LAWIO

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